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  • आ.ब. २०७३ / ०७४ को पछिल्लो तीन महिनाको सूचना सार्वजनिक गरेको विवरण

    मितिो: २४।०९।२०७३   आ.ब. २०७३...
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  • लोक सेवा तथा शिक्षक सेवा परीक्षा तयारी सम्वन्धी सूचना

    मिति: २०७३।०८।१५   लोक सेवा...
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  • शुभकामना (17-06-2073)

    १७।०६।२०७३ शुभकामना    मुसलमानहरुको...
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  • बकर ईदको शुभ कामना (21/05/2073)

    मिति: २१।०५।२०७३ शुभ कामना !!!!   नेपालीहरुमा...
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  • आगमी वर्ष देखि इदको दिनमा परिक्षा नहुने

    मुस्लिमहरुको पवित्र चाड इदको दिन...
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  • हज यात्रीको विदाई

    यस वर्ष (२०७३) मा मक्का मदिना सरिफमा...
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  • शुभ कामना सन्देश (22/03/2073)

    मिति: २२।०३।२०७३ शुभ कामना सन्देश      स्वर्गका...
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  • Activites done till 2073 Aashad

    Please kindly visit Nepali Section, Thank you.
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  • आ.ब. २०७१ / ०७२ को पछिल्लो तीन महिनाको सूचना सार्वजनिक गरेको विबरण

    Please kindly visit  the link given below; Thank  you. आ.ब. २०७१...
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Functions, Rights and Duties of NMC

Functions, Rights and Duties of the commission will be as follows


(a)  To formulate of National policy and programs for the upliftment and development of the Muslim community and recommend to the government of Nepal for its execution,
(b)   To examine, monitor, evaluate of prevailing legal provisions, government policy and recommend to Government of Nepal for the creation of enabling environment for the use of rights and benefits to the Muslim peoples,
(c)   To manage the Madarsa (Muslim Community Academic Institution) and to co-relate of Madarsa education system in National Education system,
(d) To promote and ssary provision for declaration of the rising of the moon at the occasion of Ramjan, Edul Fitra, Edul Ajha etc,

(g)   To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the programs initiated by the Government of Nepal for the progress and development of Muslim Community peoples and recommend for the necessary improvement at concerned authorities,
(h)  To coordinate and work with various national organization for the progress and development of Muslim community peoples,
(i)    To   organize   various   central   and   local   level   conference,   discussion, seminars, gatherings, convention for the welfare and interest related to Muslim community peoples and increase public awareness through communication and broadcasting medias,
(j)    To provide consultancy services to Government of Nepal and its other authorities  relating  to  the  national  rules,  project  and  programs  for  the development of Muslim Community peoples,

(k)   To  investigate  and  research  the  financial,  academic,  social,  religious, cultural, historical aspects of the Muslim Community,
(l)    To submit the annual program and budget for approval after preparing them,
(m) To draft legislation of National Muslim Commission for proper enactment,

(n)  To  investigate  the  complaints  registered  in  the  commission  regarding violation of rights and duties of Muslim community and recommend to concerned authorities for further action.

conserve the Muslim Community’s Masjid, Kavresthan, Makbara, Majar etc,
(e)  To promote and conserve the Muslim community cultural importance bearing language, literature, life style, festivals, artifacts etc,
(f)   To manage nece