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  • आ.ब. २०७३ / ०७४ को पछिल्लो तीन महिनाको सूचना सार्वजनिक गरेको विवरण

    मितिो: २४।०९।२०७३   आ.ब. २०७३...
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  • लोक सेवा तथा शिक्षक सेवा परीक्षा तयारी सम्वन्धी सूचना

    मिति: २०७३।०८।१५   लोक सेवा...
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  • शुभकामना (17-06-2073)

    १७।०६।२०७३ शुभकामना    मुसलमानहरुको...
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  • बकर ईदको शुभ कामना (21/05/2073)

    मिति: २१।०५।२०७३ शुभ कामना !!!!   नेपालीहरुमा...
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  • आगमी वर्ष देखि इदको दिनमा परिक्षा नहुने

    मुस्लिमहरुको पवित्र चाड इदको दिन...
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  • हज यात्रीको विदाई

    यस वर्ष (२०७३) मा मक्का मदिना सरिफमा...
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  • शुभ कामना सन्देश (22/03/2073)

    मिति: २२।०३।२०७३ शुभ कामना सन्देश      स्वर्गका...
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  • Activites done till 2073 Aashad

    Please kindly visit Nepali Section, Thank you.
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  • आ.ब. २०७१ / ०७२ को पछिल्लो तीन महिनाको सूचना सार्वजनिक गरेको विबरण

    Please kindly visit  the link given below; Thank  you. आ.ब. २०७१...
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In the Interim Constitution 2063 B.S. (2007 A.D.) of Nepal, Nepal is defined as an independent, indivisible, sovereign, secular, inclusive and federal democratic nation. Interim Constitution, 2063 B.S. (2007 A.D.) of Nepal has defined Nepal as a multi caste, multi religion and multi cultural nation. For the overall financial, social, religious and cultural development of all Muslim community peoples, Government of Nepal has established National Muslim Commission. As per the decision of Cabinet, Government of Nepal dated 2068/12/23 B.S. (05/04/2012 A.D.), National Muslim Commission formation and operation related provision 2068 B.S. (2012 A.D.) was approved and the commission was established. After the decision of Cabinet, Government of Nepal dated 2069/01/21 B.S. (03/05/2012 A.D.), the nomination of the officials of the commission was done and the commission was active. As, per the formation order of the commission there is provision for 13 officials including one Chairman, one Member Secretary and eleven members. The Government of Nepal has the provision of nominating among those Muslim community peoples who have rendered appreciable contribution for development. There is a provision for at least one official per one development region and their term will be maximum four years.


National Muslim Commission is a governmental organization of Nepal and tasks of this commission are performed with contact to Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Government of Nepal. After the nomination of the first term officials, the works of this commission was commenced from 2069/01/21 B.S. (03/05/2012 A.D.) and this date is deemed as the establishment of this commission. Among the officials of the commission, Chairman and Member Secretary have the provision of full time and for the operation of the Administration and Financial Administration, one Gazetted Second Class Office (Under Secretary) and one Non Gazetted First Class Accountant under the administration service of Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development will be deputed and other personnel will be appoint on the contract as per the formation order .The meeting and the working schedule of the commission will be prescribed by the commission itself. The commission will perform the annual program and office management by the budget provided to the commission by Government of Nepal. The commission can obtain grant or donation from foreign government, international organization, institution, persons, national organization, institution, persons and perform the functions as per the formation order.